Brand New BattPit 14.6 Volt 2200mAh 32Wh Li-ion Battery.

Compatible with the following HP models: 240 G4, 245 G4, 246 G4, 250 G4, 255 G4, 256 G4, Notebook 14-ac000na, Notebook 14-ac010tx, Notebook 14-ac020ng, Notebook 14-ac030tu, Notebook 14-ac040tu, Notebook 14-ac080no, Notebook 14-ac100na, Notebook 14-ac110la, Notebook 14-ac120tx, Notebook 14-ac130tu, Notebook 14-ac140tu, Notebook 14-ac150tu, Notebook 14-ac160tu, Notebook 14-ac170tu, Notebook 14-ac180nd, Notebook 14-af001au, Notebook 14-af010nr, Notebook 14g-ad101tu, Notebook 15-ac000nc, Notebook 15-ac010ur, Notebook 15-ac020ds, Notebook 15-ac030nc, Notebook 15-ac040tu, Notebook 15-ac050nb, Notebook 15-ac060nia, Notebook 15-ac070tx, Notebook 15-ac080nx, Notebook 15-ac090nx, Notebook 15-af000na, Notebook 15-af000ur, Notebook 15-af010nr, Notebook 15-af020ur, Notebook 15-af030nr, Notebook 15-af040ca, Notebook 15-af060ca, Notebook 15-af070ng, Notebook 15g-ad001tx, Notebook 15q-aj005tx

Compatible with the following HP part numbers: 807612-421, 807956-001, HS03, HS04, HSTNN-LB6U, HSTNN-LB6V, N2L85AA, TPN-I119, TPN-I120

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